5 Quick Lessons High School Wrestlers Can Teach Us about Jumpstarting Our 2012 Social Media Efforts

Wrestling teaches lessons we can take to our social media endeavorsAre you wondering how to jumpstart your 2012 social media efforts to support your local business? Let’s step off-line for  a moment and move over to the  high school wrestling gym.

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High school wrestling is a real-life opportunity to test the limits of a young person’s strength, focus and determination. Many of these wrestlers never wrestled competively until the day they walked into high school. And yet — they prevail.

2012 Social Media Lessons for the Rest of Us

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Here are 5 quick lessons these wrestlers can teach us as we approach our 2012 social media efforts, whether you’re just beginning to explore social media’s opportunities or taking your efforts to the next level:

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(1) Set a weight goal. Okay — not in pounds. Set a goal for reach. How big do you want to be — and how strong? What do you want to achieve with your online efforts, and how will it integrate with your overall marketing and sales goals? How quickly do you need to get there – set a date and walk backward: What does that mean you need to do between now and then. Start where it’s easier, then work to stretch your limits.

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(2) Prepare – mentally, physically, and (when it comes to social media) technologically. Start today by thinking about what you need to succeed and spend a little bit of time every day working towards that goal, whether it’s reading what others are doing online, watching how-to Youtube videos, taking online webinars or enrolling in onsite classes, starting with the social media workshops offered at the Lafayette Library and Learning Center. Success doesn’t come with a quick exam-cram style effort. You’re building towards a larger goal than just a good result for a single effort. Like wrestling, social media is a a lifestyle-sport. Determination and focus are important factors for success.

Wresting offers social media lessons

Dual Meet between Campolindo and Acalanes. Campo Senior Danny Fox wins with a pin.

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(3) Size up the competition – quantitively and qualitatively. Some people are just big. You can still be better. We live in a local community. If your customers and competition are also here, make sure you think about who they are online and offline, just as these local wrestlers know many of their competitors off the wrestling mat.

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(4) You can go it alone, but it’s more fun and successful as a Team Sport. Find a team. Build one if you have to. Create your own island of social media accountability and encouragement, particularly at the beginning when it’s easy to feel like no one is even noticing you’re online at all. If not at your office, then within your business and social network. You’ll learn from one another. It helps to know that at least someone is noticing what you’re doing, and is willing to help amplify that effort to their local networks. Think about it: All this working together helps our community thrive, and that’s good for all of us. It’s how we’ll win the game.

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(5) Discomfort is fleeting  – so get over yourself and focus on what’s really important.  I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a single guy at the Acalanes – Campolindo Dual meet last night who thought, “Wow — this is a great uniform” the first time Coach handed it to them, but no one seems uncomfortable now. First steps in anything new usually feel uncomfortable but very quickly become routine. So get over your concerns about technology and take your next step – log on, create a blog, start a Facebook Page. Whatever.

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There are other social media and marketing lessons we can take from the Campolindo and Acalanes wrestling teams. What would you add?

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Hey – I just thought of one more…

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(6) Always carry paper and pen. You never know where you’ll be when inspiration for a new blog post will strike. 

Go Cougars!

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