Personal Branding for Dummies gets Honorable Mention at San Francisco Book Festival

Congrats to Lafayette-resident Susan Chritton, Master Master Personal Brand Strategist and Executive Coach. On May 7, 2012, Personal Branding For Dummies by Susan Chritton received Honorable Mention at the San Francisco Book Festival in the category of Best Business Books for 2012.

How is Chritton’s Personal Branding for Dummies different from other Personal Branding Books?

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Personal Branding for Dummies by Susan Chritton -Here’s what the back of the book cover says: “Personal Branding for Dummies covers everything you need to create your personal branding, including: using different organizations and associations to increase visibility and exposure to both clients and competitors; making the most of networking; tapping into Social Media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to showcase a personal brand; building a persona through websites and blogging; evaluating personal style and appearance; using conversation, negotiation and sales techniques best suited to a personal brand; monitoring your brand reputation and successfully implementing feedback as it grows and develops, and more.”

Collective Wisdom

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To cover all these topics, the book includes the collective wisdom of Susan as well as a stable of more than twenty professionals involved in various important aspects of personal branding who contributed their expertise.

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To do that successfully Susan had to meld all that collective wisdom with her own and create a single voice that would resonate with readers. That’s much harder to do than you might imagine.

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I am honored to have been asked to contribute information on how to use online tools like LinkedIn and Facebook to showcase personal brand  — and am anxiously awaiting a copy of the book to see how Susan wove that information with all the other contributions. Scheduled to reach Amazonand other book sellers between now and the first week of June, I’m expecting an advance copy in the next several days. So I’ll keep you posted!

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In my blog post earlier today about Personal Branding and Reinvention, I wrote, “Susan worked really hard on Personal Branding for Dummies and held it to a pretty high bar – she wanted it to be a really useful personal branding primer that would inform and teach – but not overwhelm. Sounds like a winner to me.”

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That was literally less than 24 hours before Susan sent all the contributors an email announcing the award*. I wish that I could say that I have apparently added a new “psychic” layer to my own personal brand, but I really think it’s just a well deserved nod by the judges to the effort Susan put forth to create the book!

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Nice when that happens, isn’t it?

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 *List  of 2012 San Francisco Book Festival Winners

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