Guy Kawasaki, Steve Jobs and Getting Real at Facebook Summit 2011

Life happened.

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Guy Kawasaki’s Opening of the Facebook Summit 2011 Keynote Address morphed into a Steve Jobs moment as this former Apple employee gave fresh insider perspective of what may be the lasting legacy of Steve Jobs on the business world. All shortly after the public announcement of Jobs’ passing. And in that moment, we let something very human happen: A long scheduled event went off script and into the heart of reality. And the program was all the more absorbing and fresh because of it.

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Guy Kawasaki on Steve Jobs' Lessons for Rest of Us; "Real Artists Ship"After 20 minutes of uninterrupted commentary, Kawasaki took questions, starting with those of the event organizer,  Social Media Examiner’s Michael Stelzner.  Search Twitter for #FBSS11 and @GuyKasasaki if you want to get the thrust of the conversation, including many of the lessons we can take from Steve Jobs’ legacy, from the importance of aesthetic to the inability to start a revolution if you only create products your customers think they need.

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My favorite is this:

Guy Kawasaki on lessons from Steve Jobs:

“Real Artists Ship.”

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Dreams are just dreams until you make them a reality. You have to put yourself, your product, your ideas — whatever — into the marketplace or it’s just a dream that never can be.

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Perfection is overrated.

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Shipping is undervalued.

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Look at your to-do list. Quick Tweaking. Start Packaging. Push something into the world.

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Take a risk.

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What’s the worst that can happen?

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You can wait too long and run out of time.

What would our lives be like if Steve Jobs had waited to ship?









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