#1 Reason to “Highlight” Older Photo Albums on Your Facebook Page Timeline – Look Better

Ready or not Timeline for Brands is now live on your Facebook Pages, so why not take advantage of some of its How to "HIghlight" a Facebook Postnew features to make some of your older posts look better?

Highlight Facebook Photos

Start with tapping the “Highlight” post option to make your photos stand out, spanning the two columns of your Facebook Timeline. Doing that is as easy as clicking the * in the upper right hand corner of the post.

When you “Highlight” a Photo Album, you get the additional benefit of up to 7 thumbnails of the other photos in the album showing underneith the main album cover photo.

Highlight Facebook Photo Albums to Make them Stand Out

When some one clicks on any of the thumbnails, the larger version of that photo displays.

Some additional things to keep in mind about Highlighting Facebook Photos:

Rethink Prior Photo Posts. If you have photos you’ve previously shared as an album, take some time to go back and “Highlight” some of the best of these to give your page more interest and increase the chance that someone looking at those photos.

Avoid Over-Highlighting. One of the benefits of highlighting a photo or photo album is that it stands out. If all the photos on your page are large, you just lost that advantage, right?

Re-date Selectively as you Highlight Facebook Photos. If you have photo albums of historic photos important to your brand, consider also editing the information to change the date to when the photos were actually taken. This will help make spread out your posts across the full length of your Timeline.



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