Thumbs Up for Cravendale’s Video Campaign

Thumbs up to the creativity behind Cravendale Milk’s video advertising creativity that’s hitting viral levels on Youtube in the last few months, starting shortly after they officially said “goodbye” (via video, of course) in February to their previous video stars, “Cow, Pirate & Cyclist.”

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In late February, Cravendale uploaded, “If Cats had Thumbs,” a funny video that has had (as of this blog post)  more than 3.6 million views:

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This soon-to-be-classic has spawned a series of short videos that answer suggested fan questions about the ability of “Can Cats with Thumbs…” to meet challenges. The challenges are tested and then answered with a YES – NO response, in a Mythbuster-styled format.

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The beauty of this Youtube campaign is in the way that Cravendale blends its own brand awareness message by casting it with the net of an already huge interest in funny cat movies that fuels Youtube video sharing.

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On August 1st, the CravendaleTV channel added its newest video – Milk Me Brian, which takes us on a historical journey as it seeks to answer the question: Who first thought to milk a cow?
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Fun and funny — but not nearly as clever as Cats with Thumbs. It’s not clear that it’ll hit the same mark as the Cat with Thumbs one. Just six days in, though, the video has already garnered over 38,000 views on the CravendaleTV channel.

Like the extended “Cat with Thumbs” fan questions follow-up videos, the title of this one – Milk Me Brian – leaves open the possibility that there is a series in the making.

But I can’t help thinking that Cravendale might do well to bring back more professional videos of Adventures of Cats with Thumbs, cats on the prowl with the prize always being the Cravendale Milk.

Youtube viewers really do love cat antics. Reminds of us of our own cats!

Now, thanks to Cats with Thumbs, millions more people know about Cravendale Milk — and isn’t that the point?

Cravendale on Facebook – Where’s the Welcome Page?

One Suggestion for Cravendale’s Facebook Page –> You’ve spent a lot of resources on Youtube. There’s even a Youtube link from your Facebook Page. Why not spend a little time on a custom Facebook Welcome Page !

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