Inc Magazine Article’s Takeaway for Blogging Success: Credible, Simple, Useful (C.U.S.)

This time, it’s okay to C.U.S.

Excellent article today in Inc Magazine: “8 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty,” written by Geoffrey James.

Two Takeaways, one about customer loyality and the other about content creation – and why it’s okay to C.U.S.

Takeaway #1: How to Succeed in Business

Love the concise 8 points list. A must read, maybe daily, because it’s that easy to forget that the basic tenent of succeeding in business is to stop focusing on your own business model and focus on you client’s instead.

No time to read the whole list every day? No problem. Just repeat this mantra: It’s Not About You!

Blog Content Creation Tip: C.U.S. (Credible, Useful, Simple)When you realize that client management is about providing solutions your clients have, you’ll see that success comes a whole lot easier.

Takeaway #2: How to Create Remarkable Content – C.U.S.

…and why it’s okay to C.U.S. when it helps you remember to write blog articles that are:

(1) Credible: Interview an Expert if You’re Not One on the Topic

(2) Useful: The more people who can use the info, the better.

(3) Simple: A list, for example. Simple to read. Simple to understand. Simple to share.

The Inc. Magazine article does. When’s the last time you had a blog post that did?


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