Robin-S-Fox-Digital-StrategistRobin S. Fox is a a San Francisco Bay Area social media and digital strategist.

She teams with B2B and B2C companies and senior managers to both create and implement social media strategy as well as serve as online community manager, blog editor and content creator, depending on client needs. She is also hired to train existing marketing staff and/or coach senior management on similar topics.

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In addition to her client work, Robin is instructor for Lafayette’s monthly Social Media Strategies for Local Business workshop series held at the Lafayette Library and Learning Center in beautiful downtown Lafayette.

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Now it its 6th year, this series if free to attend, thanks to our generous sponsors: Lafayette Chamber, Moraga Chamber & Lafayette Library and Learning Center.

social Media Workshops

Good news! Robin provides digital strategy and solutions, not products.

These solutions are created based on an in depth understanding of an individual client‘s goals and hurdles to achieve them – and implemented with full client transparency as clients often view Robin as a team member and not just an outside vendor. To give you an idea of her scope of experience and expertise, below are some “solutions” Robin’s clients have asked for in the past. What are you looking for?

What are you looking for? Here are some examples of ways people work with Robin:

Jumpstart Your Online Presence: From Goals & Assessment to Action

Let’s take your social media to the next level. Whether working with a “B to B” or “B to C” business, this always starts with your goals and aligning efforts – time and money – to support achieving those goals. We’ll work together – but you decide how much you want to be involved in the nuts and bolts work.

This work usually includes:

  • Assessing Past Efforts
  • Aligning Strategy with Business Goals
  • Developing Social Media Strategy
  • Planning Content by Channel
  • Creating Content Editorial Calendars
  • Implementing Tactics
  • Measuring Results – and Adjusting Strategy/Tactics Accordingly

Blog Help: Editorial Strategy, Content Creation, SEO Optimization

Blogging is an integral part of inbound marketing, but it’s not enough to just post articles. A success blog is rooted in goals – and supported with other marketing efforts. Let’s start by talking about who you are trying to reach and what you’re trying to achieve. Robin’s roles vary from Blog Editor, Writer, Strategy, Producer. Always, efforts are are focused on implementing Inbound Marketing best practices and Search Engine Optimization

This work usually involves some or all of the following:

  • Assessing Past Efforts
  • Performing Content Inventory Audit, Starting with Existing Content (whether it was originally created for online purposes or not)
  • Developing Content Strategy
  • Creating Editorial Calendar
  • Creating the Content
  • Serving as Blog Editor
  • Integrating Blog Efforts with Social Media (“Supporting the Blog”) and Other Online and Traditional Marketing Efforts
  • Measuring results using Google Analytics, Social Media Statistics and other Available Statistics

Do-for-You: Contract Social Media Manager & Marketing Professional

Create Content: Once we’ve clarified goals, some executives prefer that I handle not only needed social media set-up but also the day-to-day online community manager work of creating, curating and posting content. My skill set and experience means I can also handle off-line marketing projects, with an eye to integrating with online efforts as well to increase communication effectiveness and time efficiencies.

Work often includes all or some of the following

  • Create & Implement Content Strategy
  • Optimize Social Platform Profiles
  • Inventory Available Content to Reuse, Leverage, and Repurpose, whether originally created for online use.
  • Handle Day-to-Day Tactics
  • Creating Branded Social Media Graphics using the Adobe Creative Suite, as well as a variety of no/low cost online tools such as Canva and PicMonkey
  • Work with outside vendors to create any needed content – graphics/text

DIY Social Media: Individual & Group Trainings - and Custom Workshops

For clients who are prepared to managed their online brand directly, we focus on what you need to know when you need to know it, delivered in a way that works best for you and your staff. Contact Robin for details.

  • One-on-One Coaching – Jumpstart and Ongoing for both Executives, Managers and Marketing Assistants
  • Small Group Trainings
  • Custom Workshops
  • Keynote Speaker

LinkedIn Optimization & Strategy: Coaching & Custom Workshops

LinkedIn Strategy: No question – LinkedIn is a great place to be found online. Probably it’s highest value, though, is as a search engine for finding and qualifying leads, and more clearly understanding the true value of your business network. If you’re still wondering how to use LinkedIn to best advantage, let’s talk!

  • LinkedIn Strategy
  • Profile Writing & Editing
  • Company Page Creation & Community Management
  • Identifying & Qualifying Leads: LinkedIn Search Tips & Tricks
  • Network Growth Best Practices

Facebook & Other Social Platform Community Manager

Social Media Tools for EventsWhere ever you are communicating with your clients online, it needs to be a two-way conversation. In conjunction with my other online work, I often also serves as online community manager, at a minimum to jumpstart conversation and engagement. This includes not only identifying, creating and posting content (text, links, images, call to actions) but also engaging in direct conversation with community members to both help achieve channel and general business goals but to protect the client’s online brand.

In the past, this has included handling negative comments posted online and sent in via private message. Always, Robin communicates with her client regarding what’s happening and the related conversations since most of the time these online conversations relate to issues that initially began as an in person, in store or other online interaction.

Google Plus Local: Create, Optimize, Verify and Manage Your Google My Business

Yelp & Other Review Site Profiles: Create, Optimize, Manage